Alien Covenant Is Still 100% Dog Water

Alien Covenant Is Still 100% Dog Water

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Alien Covenant ruined anything good going for the Prometheus trilogy. It basically put an end to the exciting new prequel story and forced Ridley Scott to go back to the drawing board. I have no idea what is going on with the new Alien films but I do know this, Alien Covenant is absolute trash still.
Prometheus had its fair share of issues but they are nothing when compared to the insanely stupid plot of Covenant. The characters are incredibly stupid, the story makes no sense and the visuals took a big step down from the previous film. I rant for almost 20 minutes on the awfulness that is, Alien Covenant.

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Narrated by: Adam Olinger
Edited by: Adam Olinger

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Source: Alien Covenant Is Still 100% Dog Water

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